About Me

All of the work that I complete is centered on one goal: improving the health and well-being of individuals. With theoretical training in health communication and media use, as well as extensive experience in the use of telemedicine and social technologies, I am interested in the application of new media in healthcare. I believe in taking an interventional approach when possible to directly have effects on individuals’ healthy behaviors, such as with the work I have done in implementing a rural telepsychiatry network. However, I also appreciate the value of descriptive and experimental work that allows us to learn about individuals’ perceptions of health-related technology. This is why I have conducted surveys and experiments to learn about how health-related media are being used, such as in my work that examines the use of smartphones for health purposes. Overall, I believe that new technologies–such as social media, videoconferencing, smartphones, online patient portals, and even video games–have incredible potential to change the healthcare system as we know it.

Research Projects

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I am currently teaching courses related to the following topics in the Department of Health Promotion and Behavior at the University of Georgia.

e-Portfolios in Public Health
In this capstone course for Health Promotion majors, students create an e-Portfolio to showcase the knowledge and skills they have developed during their undergraduate careers. They also learn essential career development skills to prepare them for life after college.

This course is still in development, but check back soon for more detailed information.
Writing for Public Health
This course provides Health Promotion students with the skill set required to write professionally in a public health career. It covers both scientific and science writing, with emphases on document design, translating scientific findings, and collaborative work.

This course is being revised, but check back soon for more detailed information.
Social Marketing
This required course for the Masters in Public Health program details social marketing and health communication techniques for encouraging healthy behaviors. It covers health communication theory, campaign development, and evaluation processes.

This course is still in development, but check back soon for more detailed information.